Westside Apparel is more than just streetwear Inspired by Hip Hop. 
We not only represent the West Coast and Los Angeles,
we represent the Westside of every city and state in the world. 
Westside represents an entire movement and era, West Coast Hip Hop,
an era that changed Rap/Hip Hop forever.
Westside Apparel is not only about where you are from  
but what you represent- the way you walk, talk, dress and act.

Westside is a state of mind. 

Westside Apparel was founded in 2016 and is based in Melbourne Australia with links in Los Angeles. 
We introduce a unique, simplistic approach to West Coast Hip Hop Inspired Streetwear that no other clothing brand has perfected before.
Westside Apparel is a brand that speaks for itself. Our aim is to progress as a brand, building a strong modern urban reputation along the way.
Our priority is to set the standard high with our quality designs and comfortable lightweight garments.
As a movement, our goal is to not only grow and evolve as a brand, but to unite and progress Urban and Hip Hop culture around the world.